Vital Energy Arts Center
220 Main Street Ste. 3
Nevada City, Ca. 95959
Homer Nottingham 
Teacher of Qigong
                 Transforming Body,                          Mind, Spirit


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A Personal Note from Homer
Vital Life Energy Arts Center

Vital Energy Arts Center

Our Mission is to Support Clients in Achieving Health and Wellness Objectives

through a long-term Qigong Relationship with Trusted and Knowledgeable


Qigong - Tai' Chi - Health - Education - Wellness

Our Services

*Ongoing small group Qigong classes at local gyms

*Ongoing small group Tai Chi classes at local gyms

*Individual Therapeutic Qigong Sessions for specific Health and Wellness    Objectives

*Education in Qigong for Health and Wellness

*Seminars in Taoist Breathing and Taoist Water Tradition Meditation

*6-8 Week Seminars and Certifications in External Qi Healing, Qigong  Coaching, Qigong Practice, and Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong

Individual Sessions and Workshops are held at the 

Vital Energy Arts Center at 220 Main Street Suite 3 in Nevada City.

Digital Downloads and DVD's of routines are available


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Homer Nottingham
Teacher of Qigong



"....I have been attending your Qi Gong classes for over a year.  I have definitely improved my balance and flexibility.."

Barbara  - student


“I’m 88 years old, I have no pain in my body when I wake up, my agility is great—I can touch my toes—and I credit it all to Qigong!”  --Bernice