Vital Energy Arts Center
220 Main Street Ste. 3
Nevada City, Ca. 95959
Homer Nottingham 
Teacher of Qigong
                 Transforming Body,                          Mind, Spirit
I spoke to you on Tuesday about my kidney disease, and that it has improved
since I have been coming to your classes.

My GFR  has gone up 10 points since I have been doing QiGong with you.
GFR stand for Glomerular Filtration Rate. I still have Moderate decrease in
GFR, but am climbing towards the upper end now. I think that this is amazing
5 points up have occurred since August of last year.


I am 33 years old and have experienced intense fear of driving my whole adult life. Because of my fear I waited to get my license until I was 27 years old. I became more comfortable with driving in town and on slow highways but I still maintained my fear of freeways and of driving 60 and above. My fear was absolutely at an unmanageable level. My heart would race, I gripped the steering wheel and my whole body was rigid and shaky. I found myself in tears more times that I can remember. 


I have been doing qi gong for about three months now and feel deeply connected to the practice.  Last weekend I took a trip to Sonoma county on my own and was stricken by my calm and comfortable state of being.  I realized that I had just drove without fear. What a pleasant surprise! It felt miraculous. In my heart I knew that the shift was related to Qigong. I am certain that through the breath work and movement of energy I cleared a heavy and long standing blockage. 


I am so grateful to Homer and for his excellent teaching skills, kind nature and support and I am so excited to be experiencing the healing and transformative powers of Qigong. Cheers to our ancient teachers of health and wellness!

Testimony of a happy student.

NEW: Fall Semester Class for Tai Chi Practitioners and beginners!!

32- Step Tai Chi in 12 weeks!!

Tuesdays 8-8:50am starting September19.*

Harmony Fitness Studio,992 Plaza Dr. G.V.

(Across the street from Grocery Outlet next to Margaritas.)

Only $5.00 per class (No membership fee) 

Suitable for any age or fitness level.




Presented by Homer Nottingham,

Master Instructor of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Homer shows how eastern arts philosophy and practice are inextricably bound together in the discipline of Tai Chi.  While there are numerous exoteric benefits of Tai Chi such as relaxation and meditative calm, Homer will emphasize the meaning and method of Tai Chi as a direct vehicle for inner perfection and self-mastery. 

Of special interest to advanced students, Homer will delve into the more profound aspects of energy development, explaining how to use the mind to assume the correct “inner posture.” And how to become rooted in the dantain or inner Being. You will learn how and why it works for health, stress relief and longevity. This class will do what no other class currently accomplishes: it will ground the student deeply in philosophy and the practical physiology of Tai Chi. .


Become a part of a new movement for graceful aging: a way of aging that will give us the means to retain our youthful energy, vitality and power, well into old age!


(*NOTE: the Friday, 7:30-8:20a.m. class at Harmony will

become a Mixed-style Tai Chi class.)

The Nevada County Board of Supervisors have made a Resolution proclaiming April 27th as Gold Country Kiwanis Tai Chi and Qigong Day in Nevada County.

We had a great turn out. Thank you for everyone for coming and supporting our project.

We'll post some photos soon!
Homer leading the 1st Qigong class at Club Sierra.  Join Us. Saturday Mornings at 9:00 am.
June, July and August were busy months at Vital Energy Arts. Master Nottingham, who is also an active Kiwanis member and Distinguished Past President, led group tai chi / Qigong sessions every Saturday morning at Pioneer Park in Nevada City. All donations went to help the Eliminate MNT Project (Maternal neonatal tetanus) which is a collobration between Kiwanis and Unicef.