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Homer Nottingham 
Teacher of Qigong
                 Transforming Body,                          Mind, Spirit
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The power of Qigong is expressed in many ways. 
Here are some testimonials from Homer's students 
and what they've found beneficial.

Qigong is another way of saying "Vital Energy".

Arthritis Relief

A systematic review of six clinical trials, published in 2014 in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, found “some strong evidence” suggesting that Tai Chi can help control pain and improve physical function in people with knee osteoarthritis. It also found evidence that the practice can improve balance and strength.

People often ask me about the classes I do in the community. I do these classes for many reasons one of which is for my health and wellness. 

 But the main reason is so many of my students and friends benefit with better health and wellness and that is very gratifying. 


I am privileged to have the opportunity to share the ways of the Ancient Energy Master with my students. 


Here are some of the many testimonials that I receive almost every month. They keep me going:


On my way to today's appointment, I took stock of my life since meeting Homer,

and starting to follow the qigong way. It is almost a year ago now--I was fresh

from cancer surgery, clocking in at almost 260 pounds thanks to a nasty Hershey habit. Long term depressed, in constant physical pain--ulcers, hernia, gastritis, sciatica, bad knee--and a low thyroid function to top thing off. In short, a miserable s.o.b., as any of my housemates would attest to. It was time to change or hopefully, mercifully, die.

Enter Homer.

I started attending tue.and thurs. qigong. A big room full of people, all of us there for our own reasons. Homer would talk while we practiced the qigong moves, everyone else being much better at them than me. People were kind, and kept their chortles to themselves. I could tell, that the things Homer was saying, were things he had said literally hundreds, if not thousands of times before. Little things---"smile from the heart--our job is to live joyously in the sorrows of the world and set the example"--and tons of others. I took all this patter to heart, and really tried to live that way. I took the art of change class--seriously. I do my Dragon and Tiger every day--seriously. I sought guidance from other healers Homer recommended.

Over the last year, Homer has instructed me how to listen to my own body and mind, and be in charge of their condition. I am amazed at the slow, but steady progress I have made by following Homers teachings. I now walk and sleep pain free, clocking in at a svelte 200 lbs.--my only sugars being fruits, honey, and maple syrup. My situational depression conditions are exactly the same, however, they are no longer killing me. I have learned to deal with them far more effectively. My midsection still needs work, but is 75% better, and continues to get better every day. So far, my qigong life has not fixed my low thyroid, and that is the 1 medication I take--much to the dismay of my physicians who offered a boatload of pills, and shots, and surgeries to deal with all of the above issues.

The chances that I will live a long, high quality life have improved, to say the least. 

Forever thankful, for my teacher and friend Homer


May 2016 


It has been two and a half years+ of Qi Gong classes and somewhat less than a year for Tai Chi. The Tai Chi is giving me back quite a bit of the balance I’ve lost by growing older and not knowing what to do about it. Qi Gong has made my life much more tolerable by taking away the pain. I experienced for twenty five years and the shots I took approximately every three months of that time to partially relieve that pain.

I have the nurses at Cardiac Rehabilitation to thank for recommending that I come to South Yuba Club and attend your excellent instruction and keeping my interest up in these classes. I can’t remember anytime in my life that I’ve continued exercising for this long continuously. The results speak for themselves.


All I’ve had to do is show up and continue to feel better and better as time goes by. All the tests I’ve been given show that my heart, my heart rate, blood pressure, and circulation are younger than I am. I haven’t had pain in my back for well over two years nor any need for cortisone shots to relieve any pain. My back is not healed but strengthening the muscles and ligaments makes me feel much younger than I am and much more comfortable.


I am grateful Homer: Thank you

A pleased student,

Jack Carmody  


Hi Homer:

I have a few changes to report that you may share on you website or in class.

Thank you for giving me so much vitality and a healthier body through your classes, Homer.

Since I started practicing Qi Gong, I have noticed that several fine vines on my legs have vanished. This cannot be explained with Western medical knowledge.

I practice my Qi Gong exercises beside a plant. In three months this plant has grown a foot taller. I will now place my ailing orchids in that spot.

My day goes smoother when I practice Qi Gong, it seems that I have more time.

Qi Gong provides me with the focus for prioritizing and getting tasks done as well as giving me the energy.

With so much gratitude,

Dr. Julie Cox



Thank you for last night’s workshop—actually—thank you for all the workshops, and classes, and events you guys orchestrate. It is truly my good fortune to have met you at a time when my life was very much in need of change. With a lot of hard work, and the assistance of new friends like you, I am happier, healthier, and finally back on a good path towards contentment.

Appreciatively yours,



Boosted Brain Power

In a 2013 study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, which included 120 healthy older people in China, those who practiced Tai Chi three times a week for 40 weeks showed increases in brain volume and improvements on several tests of memory and learning, compared to those not doing Tai Chi.

Much research has shown that Tai Chi can improve balance and coordination, as well as reduce fall risk.


Saturday January 23, 2016

Dear Homer,

In 2003 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Dr. Campbell from the Cancer Center here in Nevada County referred me to StanfordUniversity..he told me that his teacher was the best.


I went through a series of Chemotherapy sessions and radiation and finally finished in 2004. at that time, I knew nothing about Qigong and I could barely stand, but I went and enjoyed it.


Then I came to Nevada County and joined the gym…I was weak and had neuropathy in my created heat, pain and numbness in my legs.


I began to take your Qigong classes. I went to 3 classes a week… now I do 4-5 hours of Qigong per week and I have no heat or weakness in my legs except when I can’t come to the classes for a period of time.

I know that qigong has healed my body, I’m 72 years old and I feel less pain in my body and my mind is open to Love, Compassion and Kindness, just as you have said in class. I’m very thankful to you for that, you are a delightful spirit; you bring a smile to my face whenever I share that Qigong state of mind with you.

Thank you so much for your love and gratitude.

Your friend, Lisette deMiranda

I was attending a heart rehab class when a friend suggested that we  go to a qigong class.  She said it was a stretch class.  I joined her that day and really enjoyed my first class with Homer Nottingham.  I decided to do another class.  After 4 or 5 more classes  my body was feeling much better and I felt calm.  lI had had problems with my sacrum mussel funning all the way down my leg and into my foot.  It was painful.  My hands were plagued with arithritus and trigger finger.  Throughtout the next few classes these symtoms would subside.  My upper back musle was becoming relaxed which helped with tension.  My balance was becoming much better.  With all these body and spirit improvements, I decided to not only increase the number of days I was attending Homer's Qigong classes. but to purchase his videos so I could do the exercises on days I could not attend.  I have completed one year now and I am pain free.  I am attending 5 classes per week.  These classes  keep my back stretched out, my internal organs loose and helps with my anxiety.  Thanks to Homer's classes I feel really good.  Thanks Homer